Simple, intuitive calling in Microsoft Office 365

Boost your team’s efficiency and flexibility, enabling them to place calls within Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business anytime, anywhere.

What is Telstra Calling for Office 365?

Telstra Calling for Office 365 is a cloud-based voice calling service for Microsoft Office 365. Make calls to landlines or mobiles from Microsoft Teams – familiar tools you already trust.

Empower your people to work more effectively when and where they need to, and provide a consistent, intuitive experience every time.

Leverage the superior voice, network, and services of Telstra in conjunction with the best of Microsoft’s cloud collaboration tools.


A unified collaboration experience. Bring together all your technology and tools in one place.
Simplicity for peace of mind. Deploy, manage and scale with ease.
The best of both worlds. Co-created by Telstra and Microsoft – market leaders in innovation.

Powerful collaboration made to keep up with your business

Flexible. Subscription-based telephony and collaboration with no contracts.
Scalable. Easily add users without the need to add SIP channels.
Simple. Reduce the number of different apps for voice, video, meetings and collaboration.
Consistent. Optional inclusive calling plans for predictable monthly billing.
Efficient. Streamline your systems and remove on-premise PBXs, servers and SBCs for delivery of voice.

Streamline your collaboration with one unified platform.

The way organisations work is changing. For many, remote working is now considered business-as-usual, which has created a need for more powerful enterprise collaboration tools. Two of Australia’s largest telco and tech brands, Telstra and Microsoft, have brought you Telstra Calling for Office 365 to answer this need. Telstra Calling for Office 365 is a native cloud calling solution combining all the functionality you need for collaboration in one unified platform.

Introducing Telstra Calling for Office 365

With Telstra Calling for Office 365, you can now call landlines and mobiles directly through Microsoft Teams. Access voice calling, video calling, messaging, emailing and file sharing all from one place.

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Telstra Calling for Office 365 is the missing link between calling and collaboration. Bring your teams and stakeholders together for a more productive and efficient workforce.


Key features

Enjoy Telstra’s leading voice capability with the best of Microsoft’s cloud collaboration tools, underpinned by Telstra’s world-class network and services expertise. Avoid the complexity of separate collaboration systems, easily meet security and compliance demands, and enjoy more financial flexibility.


  • Enjoy full voice functions. Have traditional call-handling functions like hold, transfer, forwarding and voicemail in the cloud.
  • Speed up daily tasks. See who’s available and contact them on the most appropriate channel: voice, video calling or chat.
  • Simplify calling. One business number lets you make and receive local, long-distance, mobile, audio or video calls.
  • Unify your workspace with all your tools in one place. Telstra Calling for Microsoft Office 365 combines your key business tools under a single business number.
  • Present a professional image. One business number lets you make and receive calls, whether in the office or on the road.


How it works

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A complete, cloud-based solution with hybrid flexibility.

A fully-managed link into Microsoft Office 365

We provide a fully managed link directly into Office 365, so all you need is adequate internet access. There’s no need for complex technology rollouts. Each user is allocated a phone number associated with their Office 365 client. You can choose to migrate or port your existing landline numbers or allocate new ones via the administration portal.

Hybrid options for more flexibility

Hybrid is ideal if you’re not ready to move voice completely to the cloud. Host complex users in the Telstra private cloud and move those who are cloud-ready to the Microsoft public cloud. Alternatively, we can provide a managed gateway to connect your on-premises voice environment to the Microsoft Cloud.

Support at every step of the journey

We’ll help you at every stage of your move to the cloud, from consulting and design to deployment, management and around-the-clock support. Our network of specialist channel partners can also assist you in more places across Australia.

Simplified Connections and Reduced Implementation

Telstra Calling for Office 365 removes the complexity of managing a dedicated PSTN telephony network. Telstra provides a managed link bringing all your voice calls directly into Office 365. So all you need is adequate internet access, and all your telephony and data can be delivered anywhere at any time. Additionally, no special infrastructure or voice-calling access considerations exist when subscribing to Telstra Calling for Office 365. Avoid the long lead times often accompanied by waiting for conventional solutions to be set up and tested.


Use your Existing Numbers

Each user is allocated a phone number that is associated with their Office 365 client. This number brings the public telephony service directly from the Telstra phone network into Office 365. You can choose to migrate or port your existing phone numbers into Office 365 or allocate new ones. As your needs grow or users change roles, you can quickly reallocate numbers via the Office 365 administration portal.


Flexible Implementation

Opt for our hybrid solution if your entire organisation is not ready for full cloud migration. Keep complex users on-premise and start moving users to the Microsoft cloud at your own pace.


More Information

Click HERE for more information from Telstra on Calling from Office 365.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Telstra Calling for Office 365 can help your organisation.