Cloud Migration Excellence with Platinum IT Consulting

Cloud Migration as a Service

Migrating your IT infrastructure is a pivotal move, necessitating unparalleled expertise. While your dedicated in-house IT Team excels at maintaining daily operations, cloud migrations present a distinct set of challenges.

Cloud migrations are not merely routine tasks; they are specialised undertakings with best practice configurations and the full use of your license offerings.

While your IT Team is adept at ensuring operational consistency, cloud migrations call for a unique skill set, one that may not align with day-to-day functions.

Engaging in a cloud migration project adds:

  • An exceptional workload, overburdening an already stretched IT Team.
  • Needs architectural expertise.
  • Needs deep expertise in the full usage of configurations and functionality of your licenses.
  • And Platinum Consulting has the enterprise experience, is comparatively cost effective, and provides accurate pricing upfront.
  • Control Operational costs by having a successful project rollout on the right technology.
  • Free up your team to keep operations flowing while having projects implemented seamlessly in the background.
  • A pronounced risk, as those not specialised in cloud migrations can face unforeseen challenges, potentially compromising the quality and efficacy of the final solution.

Such challenges not only have financial implications but can also pose significant risks to the overall IT infrastructure of your enterprise.

Ensure your organisation’s cloud migration success with Platinum IT Consulting. We will minimise the risks and optimise the outcomes for a seamless cloud migration journey.

Cloud Migration Options

  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Private Cloud to Public Cloud
  • Public Cloud to Public Cloud
  • Consolidation of your Public Cloud Tenants
  • And More…

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Design secure and reliable systems that offer a great end-user experience.
  • Be flexible and agile to work cohesively with your IT Team.
  • Consult on the numerous cloud migration options.
  • Use best practice processes to deliver in scope, on time and on budget.
  • Use the full functionality of your licensing capabilities.
  • Executing a smooth cloud migration with minimal disruption to your organisation

See our case study for further examples…

Platinum Consulting’s processes are best practice

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Consultative Approach

Platinum Consulting realises that each organisation has an architecture that is best suited to their requirements.

Our technology preference is to work on the Microsoft suite of offerings but are able to work with your IT Architecture Team to provide options most suitable for your organisation and implement to their requirements.

Our team is agile and flexible to changing requirements and meets changes in scope and deadline – with a willingness to move mountains to get the project done.

Our combined 150+ years of large enterprise experience give us the breadth of knowledge to meet any challenge with ethics and resolve.

Worried about the cost?

Control cost, scope, and timings with Platinum Technology:

  • Upfront pricing, scope, and completion date.
  • Cloud migration can be done during staff downtime.
  • Post cloud migration, you’ll be on a more efficient and cost-effective system.

Have an IT Team?

We have a track record of working with existing IT Teams to design and implement projects that meet their needs during and after cloud migrations being completed.

  • Platinum works in harmony with your IT Team.
  • We do the cloud migration, letting your team focus on their current obligations and workload.
  • Training, hand-over and backup support are available for your team.

Experience in Cloud Migration of a wide variety of systems and technology

  • Data Centre Refresh
  • Data Centre Moves
  • Communications room moves and clean-ups
  • Data Centre Consolidations
  • Exchange to Microsoft365
  • “On-Premise Firewall” to “Cloud-Firewall”
  • SCCM to InTune
  • GMail to Microsoft365
  • “Skype For Business” to Microsoft Teams
  • AD to Azure-AD (Cloud/PAAS/SAAS)
  • “On-premise Server” to Azure/AWS