Elevate Your Enterprise IT Systems with Platinum Consulting

Projects as a Service

At Platinum Consulting, we understand the pivotal role your in-house IT Team plays in maintaining and optimizing daily operations. We acknowledge the immense value that dedicated IT Teams bring to enterprise organisations, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted technology performance.

Given the expansive responsibilities of your IT team, adding new projects to an already full agenda can be challenging. This is where Platinum Consulting bridges the gap. Our team specialises in staying abreast of emerging technologies, unhindered by the day-to-day operational responsibilities that your IT Team manages.

Our role is to seamlessly integrate and execute projects that elevate your technological infrastructure. Once implemented, we ensure a comprehensive knowledge transfer, empowering your in-house team to take the reins. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond project completion – we remain a consistent touchpoint, always available for continued support and guidance.

Partner with Platinum Consulting to not only complete projects efficiently but also to position your IT Team in the best light before the executive leadership. Together, we drive innovation and success.

Some common key challenges being faced by internal IT Teams:

  • Outdated software that puts your security at risk
  • Email reliability (availability, security, backups and audit trails)
  • Secure remote access for work-from-home staff
  • Backups and recoverability
  • Disaster recovery and highly available systems
  • Architecture and Cloud Migrations
  • Systems that manage rogue or ex-employees
  • Insurance or compliance challenges
  • Data Centre or Site moves

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and separation
  • Hybrid Infrastructure
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Solutions
  • AD (On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid)
  • Azure AD
  • Azure and AWS Infrastructure and Platform Services
  • Intune – SOE, Imaging, Application Packaging/Deployment, Patching
  • Security

Platinum Consulting’s processes are best practice

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Completing Projects helps your BAU processes

Following our advice based on our experienced team and the numerous implementations we have carried out – Platinum Consulting has enabled you to complete those needed IT projects.

Having completed the many Projects that are constantly on the back burner also places your in-house team in a better position.

Moving forward – having the right architecture, update versions and running smoothly.

Worried about the cost?

  • Platinum Consulting has the enterprise experience, is comparatively cost effective, and provides accurate pricing upfront.
  • Control Operational costs by having a successful project rollout on the right technology.
  • Free up your team to keep operations flowing while having projects implemented seamlessly in the background.

Benefits for you

Mitigating risk and reducing stress are just the beginning…

By engaging Platinum Consulting for your project, you:

  • Have a skilled, certified, and experienced team at the forefront of technology.
  • Work with all local staff with responsive and clear communication skills.
  • Have our assistance to support your staff during and after the project.
  • Maintain compliance and increase security.
  • Have it done reliably, quickly and correctly.