Our comprehensive approach aligns with the Australian Cyber Security Centre standards, covering critical areas to fortify defences, mitigate threats, and ensure a compliant and resilient IT environment.

Bolster Security, Minimise Risks

In today’s digital era, security threats are constantly evolving. The challenges are multifaceted, whether it’s ransomware, malicious software, or potential insider threats. Platinum Technology specialises in advising mid-market and large enterprise companies on robust security strategies, in line with the Australian Government’s Essential Eight Maturity Model.

Our commitment extends beyond mere recommendations; we diligently implement technologies and procedures to shield our clients from unauthorised data access, use, and transmission. Recognising the distinct data security and storage requisites of our client’s customers, we pledge to collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring all standards are met with precision.

Our Security Consulting Solutions include

  • Focus on cloud and hybrid security
  • Design, Build and Migrate Architecture that supports a secure environment
  • Assisting IT Teams with improving security one step at a time
  • Essential 8 Levels 0 to 3 covering:
  • Application control
  • Patch applications
  • Configure Microsoft Office macro settings
  • User application hardening
  • Restrict administrative privileges
  • Patch operating systems
  • Multi-factor authentication