Platinum Technology’s cloud infrastructure revamp for the J Trust Royal Bank delivers secure, seamless banking services amidst a major ownership transition.

About the J Trust Royal Bank

J Trust Royal Bank, a leading foreign bank in Cambodia, sought to build a robust cloud infrastructure as a major shareholder exited. Platinum Technology was engaged to overhaul the IT system during the ownership transition.

What the J Trust Royal Bank have to say:

We needed a service provider that could move fast and iterate. This wasn’t your everyday IT system set-up. Moving to a secure cloud- based network has boosted capabilities. Mobile access is much better. When you look at the old system, it was quite clunky. Now our users have the SOE on their mobile devices, and it’s very secure. They can work efficiently from just about anywhere   in   Cambodia.

Glenn Miller, J Trust Royal Bank Cambodia, CIO

Innovation and Strategic Execution

Platinum Technology’s strategic approach and swift execution facilitated a seamless migration to cloud infrastructure for J Trust Royal Bank, enabling them to navigate ownership changes while improving service delivery and maintaining a competitive edge in the banking industry.

  • Transitioned the bank’s email and file-sharing systems seamlessly to Microsoft 365.
  • Developed a hybrid cloud environment with AWS, balancing cloud service benefits with high security.
  • Upgraded end-user hardware to SSD devices for improved responsiveness in customer service.


  • Ensured continuous, uninterrupted financial services for J Trust Royal Bank’s customers.
  • Established a modern, secure digital workspace for nearly 1,000 devices, integrating 25 legacy applications.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and remote work capabilities with cloud-based solutions and Microsoft Teams.
  • Achieved PCI compliance, reinforcing the security of customer data and transactions.

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