Platinum Technology transformed Autosports Group’s IT infrastructure, boosting efficiency, security, and innovation in the automotive industry.

About Autosports Group

The Autosports Group, established in 2006, now encompasses over 55 retail businesses across ANZ with a diverse portfolio of luxury automotive brands. They have grown from a single dealership to a significant presence with 2000 users across 100 sites after being listed on the ASX in 2016.

What Autosports Group have to say:

Our experience with Platinum Technology was transformative. Their technical expertise in upgrading our complex systems to a secure Microsoft public cloud environment was outstanding. The team’s professionalism and the seamless collaboration in redesigning our firewall and switching infrastructure underpinned a significant modernisation without impacting our daily business operations. Their ability to meet deadlines and ease of partnership sets them apart. Standardising our networks and computing environment has brought immense efficiency gains.

Darryn Ferris, Chief Information Officer, Autosports Group


In 2023, the Autosports Group contacted Platinum Technology requiring expertise and support. While ASG had experienced significant growth over the years, they had no IT strategy and the lack of past investment was impacting their business operations.


  • Unified IT Vision: The centralisation of data and IT operations, paving the way for strategic innovation and agile decision-making.
  • Security and Reliability: The introduction of SASE and robust security measures and data backup/restore protocols significantly reduced risk and increased operational reliability.
  • Operational Excellence: With a new SOE and enhanced IT support, Autosports Group has heightened its operational capabilities, providing a consistent and improved user experience.
  • Cost-Effective Resource Management: Improved asset management and reporting systems enabled effective tracking and maintenance, leading to cost savings and resource optimisation.
  • Enhanced Connectivity and Flexibility: Implementation of SDWAN and cloud services provided flexible, scalable, and secure networking solutions.
  • Digital Transformation Facilitation: By spearheading the transition to cloud platforms, Platinum Technology positioned Autosports Group at the forefront of digital innovation within the automotive industry.

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